Exhibition introduction

Yiwu is not only an important carrier of the global commercial center, Yiwu every year nearly 500 thousand people to come to the procurement of foreign, more than 100 countries and regions, more than 1.5 foreign merchants resident, Yiwu has become a commodity circulation center, information center, exhibition center and international commodity export base. As "The Belt and Road the national strategy of" contact city and international inland port city, Yiwu is committed to build international channels, become national service The Belt and Road construction, promote the market players to go out of the bridgehead.

Yiwu market after years of development, with strong market support and strong international trade, which means that who occupied the Yiwu market, who set foot in the international market fast track. In order to comply with the international eyewear industry market demand, to meet the needs of the development of the industry, "2018 Belt and Road Initiative (Yiwu) glasses and eye care products fair" came into being, Congress will be held on April 2018 1-3 at the grand opening of the Yiwu International Expo center! Based on the exposition of 120 countries Yiwu, link to the global China, relying on global commodity - Yiwu superior market and industrial advantages, to adapt to the rapid development of the glasses industry trends, show the latest styles and technology leads to the global consumption of glasses. Efforts will be made to the global foreign trade companies, foreign agencies in China, shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, wholesalers, retailers and other foreign professional buyers to promote publicity. Will also increase the professional buyers of the organization, including convening seminars, press conferences, newspapers and advertising and other ways and channels, widely publicized in the buyers, organize the audience. In order to further expand the influence of the exhibition in the world, meet the needs of domestic enterprises to expand overseas market demand, we will be held at the same time and the Silk Road world merchants association glasses industry matchmaking, with high technology and Internet, electronic business platform, extensive international buyers to visit before purchasing organization.